Fish oil benefits

Know something about Omega-3s supplement

Omeag-3s is associated with health support according to the evidence from some clinic studies. You can get benefits from Omega-3s, normally it will be the fish oil supplements in the market, as describe below:

1, Prevention of some cancers

fish-oilCancer is a nightmare of modern society, however, fish oil supplements showed a promising help for some types of the cancer. E.g. for women’s health, In one latest study in 2010, the current consuming of fish oil supplements would reduce the risk by 32% of the breast cancer.

For men’s health, consuming of fish oil supplements which may increase the ratios of fatty acids in blood, from one study in 2013, it was associated with a lower risk of occurrence of prostate cancer.

2, Help for cardiovascular system

Fish oil was suggested by practitioner to have the potencies for our cardiovascular health, reducing the risk of heart stroke and attack. As the EPA and DHA may reduce the triglyceride levels, then lead to a lower blood pressure. One or two meals of fish from deep sea per week was a common recommendation from these professional nutritionists.

3, Other fish oil benefits

A higher intake of fish oil supplement was associated with a lower risk of some inflammatory diseases. For example, for the RA (rheumatoid arthritis) disease, especially if the patients were in early stages, eating DHA and EPA had shown the ability of curing these symptoms of RA. Also, some other diseases, such as, gout, menstrual cramps, even lupus have been shown the beneficial potency from EPA and DHA – Omega-3s based on the discovery of studies.

So eating fish from ocean, or taking fish oil supplement will definitely support people’s health, not only for women’s breast health, also support men’s prostate as well. To choose the best fish oil, if you want to choose fish oil products online, then read the comments first from customer in Amazon before you place the order will be good manner of shopping best fish oil. Or listen to the sales’ introduction in supplement store, e.g. GNC stores, or Vitamin World, Walgreens. But be careful, you should not 100% trust the words from sales as there is interest driving from their introduction.